Grisey Vortex Temporum

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Gerard Grisey Vortex Temporum


Imagine a bell chime: at first you hear the main note in the foreground then you become aware of a surrounding halo of other tones and harmonics. Grisey’s music explores these complex and beautiful haloes of sound.

In Vortex Temporum, Grisey takes as a starting point a short flourish on the flute; and spins a web of swirling, shimmering and (with the piano retuned) otherworldly sounds. Each of the three movements explores similar ideas at different speeds – from frenetic ‘insect’ time to the super-slow ‘whale’ time of the final section – revealing new insights into these potent musical ideas.

Watch the video below, showing NEXT Musicians rehearsing the piece, for an idea of the soundworld Grisey creates – as well as a fascinating insight into the significance of ‘spectralism’ in music history.


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Monday 25 October 2021

Robinson College Chapel



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